Do you think you’re pregnant after having unprotected sex, or you missed your period? Life will throw you curveballs but it’s what you do next that will impact your future. An unplanned pregnancy can be scary, confusing, and comes with questions that you can’t answer on your own. We are here to help.

First, Confirm Your Pregnancy

Before getting too far ahead in your journey – confirm your pregnancy after receiving a positive at-home pregnancy test result. There is always a chance that your at-home test results were inaccurate. This could be due to taking it at the wrong time or simply incorrectly. Be sure with a free and confidential, lab-quality pregnancy test at our center. 

If you receive a positive test at our center, next is an ultrasound. Is ultrasound necessary? Absolutely. It’s imperative to confirm the details of your pregnancy as they will determine what your pregnancy options are and alert you to any health complications.

You Have Options

You may be going back and forth about what you should do next. You have pregnancy options and our caring team at Etowah Pregnancy Testing Center is here to come alongside you in your decision-making process. The decision is ultimately up to you to make, but we are here to offer you the education you need to make a confident decision for your future.

You have three pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. Talk to our team today to learn about each and the possible risks involved. You owe it to yourself to understand all your options.

Free Support & Resources

We have a variety of services and support to help you in your unplanned pregnancy and every step along the way. We offer free and confidential pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to confirm your pregnancy. Our center also offers options counseling, parenting classes, support for men, material support, and referrals. 

Though this journey was unexpected, you are not alone. Reach out to us today to take your first step toward pregnancy confirmation to get answers.