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It’s ok if you’re unsure what to do right now – you’re not alone. An unplanned pregnancy is hard and comes with many questions. Our team at Etowah Pregnancy Testing Center is dedicated to serving you and young women in our area. If you think you may be pregnant and are considering your pregnancy options, talk to us today. Receive free and confidential pregnancy confirmation to determine what your options are. Get the clarity you’re looking for today.

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Do I Need An Ultrasound? Yes, an ultrasound will help you better understand your pregnancy details. Though it seems scary – the process is simple. We know how deciding on any pregnancy option is challenging. You know the decision will affect your life, but you have to make one. It can be stressful. We understand. If you’re considering abortion, an ultrasound should always be performed first.

Pregnancy Testing

Are you really pregnant? The only way to know for sure is with lab-quality pregnancy testing! It's easy to misread the instructions of a pregnancy test when overwhelmed by all your emotions. Or maybe you took it at the wrong time. To be sure about your results, receive a free, lab-quality pregnancy test at our center today. Our team will talk through what your results are and offer support if it's positive.

Abortion Info

Are you considering the option of abortion? You may have questions or doubts about abortion and we want to better inform you about each type of procedure. The two main types of abortion are surgical abortion and medication abortion. Know the facts and risks before making a final decision. You deserve to understand the facts. You are not alone! Schedule an appointment today to learn more about this option.

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