How to choose an abortion clinic in Alabama

Unless a woman’s life is in danger, medical and surgical abortion is illegal in Alabama. 

For any woman seeking an elective abortion, your options require you to consider other alternatives or travel out of state.

Learn more about what traveling out of state for an abortion procedure would entail.

How Much Does it Cost to Travel Out of State for an Abortion?

Before calculating the estimated cost, including travel, you’ll want to identify which state is the closest to you. Many states in our region also have restrictive laws on abortion. It’s crucial to determine if the state requires counseling beforehand, waiting periods, and limits based on the gestational age of your pregnancy.

Without insurance coverage, the abortion pill costs upward of $500. A surgical abortion, usually required after it’s too late for the abortion pill, can cost $1,500 and more. 

You’ll also want to factor in lodging, transportation costs, any missed days you may need to take off work for the procedure, and any potential recovery.

What Are My Options If I Can’t Travel Out of State Right Now? 

If you don’t have the means to travel out of state for an abortion, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have options! 

You also don’t have to travel out of state to get answers. At Etowah Pregnancy Testing Center, we offer essential health screenings such as pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

Ultrasounds can help you verify the pregnancy’s age, viability, and location. Ultrasound helps you determine your eligibility for the abortion pill (which is FDA-approved for 10 weeks gestational age). 

By revealing the pregnancy’s location and viability (growing with a detectable heartbeat), it can also eliminate possible health complications such as an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage.

Next Steps

Along with our free health screenings, we provide evidence-based education and a safe space for you to discuss your situation and learn about local resources.

You are not alone or without options. We are here to support you, so contact us today!

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