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The Best Way to Avoid Unexpected Pregnancy and AIDS

We have a FREE and GUARANTEED method of birth control. But, it’s probably not what you were looking for. There is no risk of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) or pregnancy. We can’t promise that your heart won’t be broken, but it will mend a hundred times faster. You probably guessed it —— abstinence! No sex until you are married to a life-long partner. Isn’t that what you want anyway? We are actually a Pregnancy Help Center, but since 70% of our clients have negative tests, we talk a lot about secondary virginity and abstinence from today forward until your wedding night. It’s not a popular concept today, but it is one that will build your self-esteem instead of tearing it down. It is one that will make you proud of yourself, and it is one your future mate will treasure.

You can come and talk with a counselor without taking a test. Just tell the receptionist you don’t need a test but want to talk with a counselor. She will be delighted to share the benefits doing what’s best and right for you and your future family instead for what feels good for the moment.

Truth or Consequences

What is the Game of Your Life? PERHAPS you should examine the FACTS! The Facts About “Safe” Sex. Safe Sex CONDOMS don’t cover the heart. They don’t work when they aren’t used, slip, break or leak. They have a failure rate of 12 to 16% in actual use. They have tiny holes that sperm may not go through, but diseases can. The PILL doesn’t protect against any STD (sexually transmitted disease) and scientists are learning more about serious complications like blood clots and stroke. The only ‘safe’ sex is abstinence.


They have costly consequences. Some are for life. Others, like AIDS, bring death. Diseases of choice, caused by behavior you can choose to avoid.


It means there is a new life. A baby’s heart begins to beat 19-21 days after conception. Brain waves are detected after 40 days. All organs are in place and functioning at 8 weeks.


It wounds a mother and kills a baby. No mother wants to abort her baby. She does it because she feels in her circumstances she has no other choice. She is believing a LIE, not the truth. Post-Abortion grief, guilt and pain is real. Many are finding healing, hope and forgiveness with others who have been there and done that.


Freedom is yours when you make choices based on TRUTH not LIES (it requires self-control). The consequences of freedom will build, not destroy, your self-esteem.

The TRUTH is this: It is never right to do what is wrong — even if it is legal. The CONSEQUENCES of hearing, believing and acting upon a LIE are devastating. Hearing, believing and acting upon the TRUTH will set you free and give you hope. What are you believing, hearing and acting upon?